Mavera Episode 1 Urdu Subtitles

The new series named “Mavera” the one more master piece by TRT1. It is based on the story of sufi dervish and poet Ahmed yesvi who was the student of yousuf hamedani. we have seen the Character of yousuf hamedani in Uyanis buyuk selcuklu.
The story of the series belongs to that era when the Rulers of Baghdad were revolting against the selcuk empire and at that time selcuk empire was ruled by Sultan sencer. The story begins when yousuf hamedani sent young and talented haje ahmed yesvi and squad (his three friends) to Baghdad in order to teach and help the people of Baghdad who were suffering because of the poor in Baghdad Haje Ahmed yasvi has to fight with too many evil games. I have only watched one episode and no doubt it is worth watching.

other elements like cast, music and script all is perfect as usual. We are presenting the episode 1 of this amazing show in Urdu.

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